Decision Made – Next Series of Projects

The thing with writing is that, at times, certain ideas speak to you louder than others, and over the past few days one idea–make that four interconnected ideas–have been pretty loud and clear in their intention–dare I say need–to be written.

So that’s what’s happening next.

I’ve made my choice in terms of what the next series of projects will be. I use the word “series” on purpose and as a hint as to what I’m going to start writing soon. As a second hint, the ideas have been brewing for quite some time, but the other day I finally got this realization as to how I’m going to present them. It’s one idea, four parts: a prequel and a trilogy.

Also have a marketing plan formulating for them once all is said and done, but part of it might entail doing not only title reveals on this blog but those word counter things I’ve seen where you can check in here and monitor my progress via a progression bar. The only downside to those bars is, so far as I know, they need a predetermined word count to be entered. This is information I don’t have. I can ballpark it, but I have no idea on the outset the exact length of any book I write.

So we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ve finished my rough draft of the five panels I’ll be doing this weekend at Lit Fest. Will give it a quick once-over and fill in any gaps, then will review it once I’m actually at Lit Fest and ink in any changes/additions before speaking.

If you are or will be in Winnipeg, details for the Central Canada Lit Fest can be found at their website here.

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