Status Report – 041020

April 10 2020 calendar

Status Report – 041020:

Busy making comics. I also need to block out a chunk of time to go over some scheduling items because in the near future, Gigantigator Death Machine wraps on Patreon and we start up the new serial novel. The end of The Long Year Five of The Canister X Transmission is also not far off so I need to double check my numbering to make sure we end on the right issue (which will be a double so don’t miss out on that).

Project Rebuild hit another delay due to elements beyond my control so I need to wrestle that down because frustration is starting to set in. (Remember when this used to be a simple process?)

And today is Good Friday, the day we remember when God intervened on humankind’s behalf to reunite us with Him, and a day marked out as a turning point in history.

Hope you have a good day.

Stay safe.

If you need to get in touch, please send me an email. Thanks.

This has been your Status Report for 041020.

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