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  • Magic Man Plus 15 Tales of Terror: A Collection of Horror Stories

    15 Tales of Darkness Lie Within this Thrilling Collection of Horrific Adventure

    The Magic Man comes when you least expect him. Give him what he wants and he’ll grant you your heart’s desire, but are you prepared to pay the price?

    A mother of two is en route to take her kids to the babysitter’s when darkness envelops her car and covers the world in blacks and grays.

    No matter how many times Sharon tries to beat the Spinning Room, someone always dies, unless she can find a way to conquer this tower of terror once and for all.

    Jimmy learns plenty about his life when he encounters an evil version of himself in his car’s rearview mirror.

    A trip out to the family cabin is not what it seems and cigarette-loving Robert is granted the chill of his life.

    It’s dinner at the Michaels’ Estate and Terrance Michaels must face the truth of what goes on beneath his house’s roof.

    Father Haldo has heard every sin imaginable. He just wasn’t prepared to enter Booth 2 for this particular round of confessions.

    Imagine waking up surrounded by damp soil only to find yourself in a room with half-buried bodies, faces sticking out from the dirt, and mysterious creatures called Benders. That’s exactly what happens to Gary Smith when he finds himself in a place under the earth.

    Bernie Calhoun knows nightmares, and the one he had about the Man in the Woods when he was a boy still haunts him to this day. To make matters worse, he realizes he might have brought something back with him into the real world long ago.

    These tales and more await you within.

    Gathering material spanning a decade, A.P. Fuchs shares his nightmares.

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