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  • Canister X Movie Review #107: Black Cat (Vol. 2) – The Catastrophe (2007)

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    Black Cat Vol. 2: The Catastrophe (2007)
    Run time 100 min.
    5 out of 5

    # 05: The Departing Cat

    Black Cat leaves Chronos. Creed approaches him with an interesting opportunity. Sephira shows up to make sure Black Cat’s departure is permanent.

    # 06: The Cat Under Fire

    Sven and Eve’s hiding place is discovered. Saya goes to meet Black Cat at a carnival only to run into Creed instead. Black Cat’s life changes forever.

    # 07: The Wounded Cat

    Black Cat is laid up in Sven’s hideout, healing. Eve offers Black Cat a very special gift. Business isn’t finished with Chronos, who has just sent No. 7 to kill Eve.

    # 08: The Sweeping Cat

    Black Cat, Sven and Eve go after the bounty on Igor Planter, but before they do, they run into an old friend.

    This volume packs a wallop in the emotional department, especially in the episode, “The Cat Under Fire.” All time seemed to stop during one of its scenes. This is the DVD where things change in the series, both in character and in flow and becomes even more so in line with Kentaro Yabuki’s manga.

    The humor, mostly coming from Sven, is laugh-out-loud funny. Each character also has their moment under the spotlight to give their witty observation of the situation or an outlandish complaint to make you chuckle.

    The “manga moments” return in this DVD, moments where the characters go from being drawn standard anime style to very cartoony to emphasize an emotion then back to normal again.

    Groundwork for further storytelling was also laid in this volume while a couple other threads were wrapped up.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next.