Having Fun Writing a Newsletter

I’m having a blast writing The Canister X Transmission. Just yesterday I sent out the seventh issue. It’s weekly and I’m having a ball. I think it’s the idea of publishing something new each and every week that appeals to me. Unlike blog entries, a newsletter is something that is “sent out” as opposed to just posted. Sure, some people get my blog posts via email, but a newsletter is meant to go out, be read, possibly even shared.

I’d like to invite you now to sign up via the signup box on the right hand side of this site. It’s free. You can also visit the newsletter’s page at Tiny Letter to read back issues and see if it’s for you. I hope so. I try to make them interesting. They’re not terribly long either and only take a few minutes to read. I cover musings on the writing life, some fanboy and pop culture stuff, writing updates, and publishing and marketing tips.

I also got a master file going in which I write out each newsletter first. The plan? Why, make a book out of them, of course. I’m thinking of doing it annually, so 52 newsletters per collection. Might even craft a bonus newsletter that you can only get in the book.

Hope you sign up. It’s a fine method of communication and I’m having fun doing them. Likewise, if a particular issue speaks to you in some way, you can reply to it and let me know your thoughts.


See you on the list.

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