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    I realize this site has been awfully quiet over the past couple months. One reason is simply that I’ve been busy. The other reason is, thanks to my weekly newsletter, I don’t have much to post here as I put all my updates and whatnot in that.

    I’ve considered posting my newsletter here as well, but also think that if I do that, then no one would sign up for because they could simply get the info here on-site.

    Will have to mull this over more.

    Anyway, things are happening behind-the-scenes, but we’re still in work mode here so not much to report.

    Will have to come up with a plan for this site. It’s been through different incarnations over the years in terms of what and how I post.

    I preach updating your website at least once a week and yet here I am posting next to nil. That’s my task this week: thinking of a plan for this site. Again, because of the newsletter, that’s become my “info dump” as opposed to this webpage. I enjoy writing the newsletter and encourage you to sign up. Lots of goodies there.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.