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  • Canister X Movie Review #108: Sailor Moon R (2000)

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    Canister X Movie Review #108: Sailor Moon R (2000)
    Runtime 60 min.
    3 out of 5

    When Darien’s/Tuxedo Mask’s lost friend, Fiore, resurfaces, trouble abounds and it’s up to the Sailor Scouts to come to the rescue.

    To make matters worse, Fiore kidnaps Darien. He is also responsible for the massive meteor/flower-planet that’s on a collision course for Earth.

    Testing the bonds of friendship and reaching deep inside to find their inner strengths, the Sailor Scouts must come together to thwart the threat before it’s too late.

    The story’s straight forward, basically a bad guy coming to get his friend back but causes trouble because he’s under the influence of an evil flower so Sailor Moon and the gang need to stop him. But the simplicity works for the film.

    This was a fun anime—light, cute, even, um, flowery. It’s loaded with sparkles and glitters and shiny objects, very “happy” compared to most anime this reviewer’s seen.

    There’s an air of wonder to this film, most notably when the Sailor Scouts activate their powers and Sailor Moon calls out, “Mooon Crystaaalll Poweeeerrr!”

    This is an anime to watch if you’re looking for something with razzle-dazzle, cute humor and a whole lot of girl power.