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  • Canister X Movie Review #103: MegaMan: NT Warrior (Vol. 1) – Jack In! (2004)

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    Megaman: NT Warrior (Vol. 1) – Jack In! (2004)
    Runtime 88 min.
    5 out of 5

    The world is hooked up to the Net. Everyone uses it constantly, especially Lan Hikari and his friends. Using handheld computers called PETs, they jack in to the Net and have huge cyber battles with their NetNavis. Lan’s NetNavi is MegaMan. And when Lan receives special new software from his always-traveling father, the upgraded MegaMan reaches a whole new level of efficiency and power.

    This first volume of the anime series details MegaMan’s origin and follows Lan and his friend along on several adventures.

    This isn’t an exact translation of the video game or, from what I’ve heard, the manga (though my copies of the first three volumes are en route to me as I write this). But it is similar in that MegaMan is always fighting another “something-man,” the villain in the handheld PET simultaneously wreaking havoc in the real world.

    The major characters—Lan, Dex and Yai—are witty and fun. The action is fast, exciting and speed-lined, making each episode an enjoyable viewing experience.

    Very recommended.