Patreon Page is Now Closed

Today, I unpublished my Patreon page.

This was the note I sent to my patrons not long ago indicating this and I’m posting it here for archival purposes. The Patreon page is now closed and so is access to the content.

The note:

Dear Patrons,

After this Thursday, I will have fulfilled my Patreon tier fulfillment for this month, which means as of August 1, no new content will be added.

I have also decided to use Patreon’s feature of unlaunching a creator’s page. According to Patreon, this will suspend renewal payments and access to my creator page. However, the good news is if at some point in the future I want to have a Patreon page again, I can relaunch the page.

I plan on unlaunching the creator page on July 31.

Feel free to leave questions or comments in the thread below.

Thank you so much again for your patronage.


A.P. Fuchs