Canister X Movie Review #115: Bob the Builder – New to the Crew (2007)

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Bob the Builder – New to the Crew (2007)
Runtime 45 mins.
5 out of 5

I gotta hand it to the folks who make these shows. First, it’s stop-motion animation, which is a pain to do (believe me, I’ve done it). Two, you got to tell a decent story in a short amount of time without it coming off as goofy.

Well, guess what? This Bob the Builder installment nailed it and you get a few great stories out of the deal as well.

However, I do have to admit Sumsy was a little strange, her shouting random numbers and all, but other than that, this volume is an absolute blast. I loved it. My two-year-old loved it. My wife loved it.

Now I can’t get that theme song out of my head.


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