Building . . .

Art starts with a blank page.
Art starts with a blank page.
Lots of off-line work going on behind-the-scenes and I’m presently in the process of a multi-part project that I’ll be rolling out hopefully soon. It’s one of those have-to-make-a-bunch-of-things-first ones before reveal so it takes time. Also, the clock is ticking over here and if I don’t get it all finished by a certain date, the whole career rhythm will be disrupted and there will only be more delays.

I hate delays, self-inflicted or otherwise.

In the meantime, I’m still active in the public eye via my social media channels and I’ve been trying to put something up there for you every day or two. (See links to the right.) The newsletter is also a good way to keep up-to-date.

Have a good weekend. Just wanted to keep everyone posted.